Salon Owner & Nail Technician 

 ' Even after 11 years at Scratch, I love the buzz it gives me every day and our team work so hard together to give all the clients a VIP service.

Scratch has my heart and I feel lucky to apart of such an amazing place. ' 


  " I had my nails done last night by Chantal, never had anything done like this before.   It was a wonderful experience, so I guess I will definitely be back again and again! "    
 Chantal is lovely, very professional and my nails are amazing. Highly recommend! "    

What’s your history in beauty?

I started studying Beauty Therapy at Kidderminster College in 2005-2007. After many attempts to find a salon job, Scratch said Yes! After a week’s trial, Kate (previous owner) gave me the job – I was over the moon!

I trained in Creative, BioGel , Essie and St Tropez and after 6 years of building my client base I was given the amazing opportunity to take over Scratch.
What would your superpower be?

My super power would be weather control so it’s sunny all the time!
Who is your beauty icon?

My beauty icon is the beautiful Eva Mendez. She’s a natural beauty.
Why did you want to work in beauty?

I have always been fascinated in beauty, make up and looking amazing to feel amazing. I think when you look good you feel good.
What’s your favourite treatment?

I really enjoy doing pedicures - it’s a luxurious treatment and it’s very relaxing for clients.
  " I want all my clients to feel pampered and relaxed. We aim to offer an excellent customer service to make our clients feel extra special. "    

My mission: