Beauty Assistant

' I am really enjoying my  time at Scratch! I've settled in nicely and found my love for nails...'

What’s your history in beauty?
I have always been really passionate about the beauty industry since a young age, especially when doing my friends makeup for Halloween.

My passion for beauty grew stronger during my time at college and now thrives while working at Scratch.

What would your superpower be?
 My super power would be time manipulation, so all-nighters wouldn’t be necessary and good times would last longer.    

Who is your beauty icon?

 My beauty icon is Amander Seyfried, I love her natural beauty and glamorous life style.    

Why did you want to work in beauty?

 I don’t see beauty as work, I love interacting with clients and I think it is a really rewarding career by helping clients feel better about themselves.     
What’s your favourite treatment?

 I really enjoy waxing, however since I started working at Scratch I have become much more interested in nail treatment. With the support of the Scratch team, my confidence has grown and I now really enjoy pedicures and manicures.     

 "I like to give my clients a confidence boost and help them feel pampered and relaxed; as long as I am putting a smile on someone’s face, that’s all that matters."    

My mission: