Jessica Phenomen Oil

Intensive Moisturizer 

 Jessica Phenomen Oil heals and nourishes dry skin and cuticles. 

It can be used morning and night on your cuticles or massaged into other dry areas such as elbows, feet and knees. You could even add a few drops to your bath for baby soft skin.

Sweet smelling and intensely hydrating, this product is perfect for damaged and neglected nails.


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Almond Oil

Rice Oil

Jojoba Oil

Vitamin E

- Deeply moisturizing

- Japanese anti-aging ingredient

- Promotes healthier and fresher skin

- Helps smooth skin tone
- Nourishes skin

- Anti-aging

- Full of anti-oxidants

- Great after-sun treatment

- Lightens darkspots

- Heals dry/cracked nails
-  Protects skin against UV   damage

- Keeps skin soft

- Contains vitamin A

 - Delays signs of ageing

- Relieves inflammation
- Soothes irritated skin

- Brings back moisture 

- Full of anti-oxidants

- Helps combat signs of       ageing

- Helps heals cuts quickly